Frequently Asked Questions


Should Veterans with VA-rated, service-connected disabilities register with FMP prior to traveling abroad?

Veterans with a service-connected disability who are simply traveling abroad do not need to notify FMP. Veterans who are permanently relocating to a country under the FMP’s jurisdiction are encouraged to notify VHA OCC upon establishing a permanent foreign mailing address.

Are VA furnished medications available under FMP?

Due to the international restrictions associated with the shipment of prescription drugs, FMP does not offer a pharmacy mailout program. Physicians should only prescribe medications that are legally available within the Veteran's country of residence and are accepted by VA and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Are FMP-eligible Veterans restricted to specific health care providers?

Although Veterans may select medical providers of their choice, we recommend but do not require that providers have the ability to produce their medical documentation and billing statements in English. Medical documentation from a health care provider must either be in English or in the original language. If documentation in the original language is submitted to FMP it may delay claims processing. Regardless of language, all documentation and billing statements must be legible.

Does FMP authorization cover required health care services while the Veteran is visiting in the United States?

No. FMP authorizations are limited to health care services obtained in foreign countries only. Should services be required while in the United States, the Veteran should contact the nearest VA health care facility. Visit the VA Facility Directory page to find your local VA health care facility.