Our Services

Primary Care

Our physicians strive to build a relationship with each patient. We take the time to listen, answer questions and clearly explain conditions and treatment options. Moreover, our physicians practice collaborative medicine, working with you to help keep you happy and healthy.

Mental Health

Our mental health professionals are available to offer you and your family personal guidance and support. From anxiety, to depression, to post-traumatic stress, we will walk you through mental health conditions and other mental health topics, so you can achieve emotional wellness.

Physical Therapy

Our goal, is to help you improve mobility, reduce pain and meet personal health and fitness goals. Our clinicians are trusted experts in evaluating the movement system. We will provide one-on-one personalized care and empower you with the education you need to understand and correct your movement impairment.


We can manage your care from the comfort of your homes, improving your health and allowing you to live independently. The goal of Telehealth is to improve clinical outcomes and access to care for high-risk patients with chronic diseases while reducing complications, hospitalizations, and clinic or emergency room visits for Veterans in post-acute care settings.

iWellness Whole Health Therapeutic Program

iWellness Whole Health Therapeutic Program assist in improving function and ability. This approach also use interventions that are individualized which enhances and maintain physical and cognitive abilities, provide opportunities for social communication skill development, creative expression, as well as spiritual expression.

VA Compensation Assistance

We assist veterans by helping them with their disability and compensation claims through our program which is designed to assist Veterans in becoming their own advocates for VA benefits. Veterans will be provided specialized advice and guidance on benefits and services at no cost to the Veteran.


We fill any prescription prescribed by your doctor, as long as it is covered by your insurance. Leave your doctor’s appointment with your medications or we can deliver your prescriptions to you.

Specialty Referrals

To serve the veterans to the fullest, we provide a broad range of outpatient medical services. We are honored to host the services of several fine physicians and surgeons at our location these services bring the highest quality healthcare to our veterans.

Home Care

Need medical care after-hours or can't make it to your appointment? Our doctors are ready to see you or answer your questions, and are available 24/7. You are guaranteed quality health care any time, any day. For emergencies please dial 911.

VA Compensation and Pension Exams

iWellness Veterans Center provides C&P Exams needed for your disability claim. Our visiting specialty physicians are accredited and credentialed and are qualified to conduct Compensation & Pension Exams in the Dominican Republic for Veterans Benefits Administration.